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What makes Pete more relevant


IMPORTANTLY, you can specify what YOU want covered  and I’ll deliver it.

I develop customised keynote presentations for my clients and their audiences.

Key issues are embedded, explained, discussed and workshopped

so delegates are engaged, interested and participate strongly.

I deliver ideas, best-of-breed examples of successful applications, provoking questions

and experience-based insights that your guests can take away and use in their businesses tomorrow.

  • Unwrap strategic insights  for audiences
  • Create value for your delegates in the context of their    industry experience
  • Share current best-practice growth processes and techniques
  • Take advantage of skilled facilitation to assess delegates’ responses to your proposed initiatives
  • Add marketing leadership in your panel sessions
  • Explore key issues around your audiences information needs
  • Assess industry and corporate changes that threaten significantly
  • Mentor stakeholders through  solutions to complexity and conflict
  • Deliver updates  for leading-edge processes

If you’re a  Gen “Y” millennial  or Gen “X” seeking to re-accelerate your career after a break; or a HR or divisional leader wanting to develop new strategies to REDUCE  STAFF  CHURN and keep key talent motivated in your business, experience shows investing in your staff’s learning and development is the first best approach.

Whether it’s about leadership, managing millennials, strategic direction-setting or innovation and many other topics, Pete Jeans knows his stuff.

Leader and master marketer Pete Jeans has deeper and wider direct industry experience in almost 30 industry sectors. That’s what sets him apart from others; because he can transfer learnings from elsewhere to the challenges at hand for better insight for you and your audience.


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