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FOR GEN X AND GEN Y – workshops and mentoring

FOR GEN X AND GEN Y ! Check out IDEAgenda here. Have you considered using Ideation or idea generation agile workshops for Gen X and Gen Y that tame “wicked” business challenges!

Please contact me for more information.

I will share my best-of-breed processes, techniques and case studies to prepare you as an emerging leader to combat future changing market conditions and trends.

Now, you’ll be able to implement strategy and flawless execution to exploit new profitable growth opportunities.

Insights for emerging leaders

Changing market conditions, driven by Covid have revolutionalised domestic and international opportunities. None-the-less, opportunities still exist.

Routes-to-market, strategic alliances, better value propositions, disruptive market access strategies, pivoting agility to outperform competitors, left-field thinking, upsetting the oligopolies…all have opportunity branded across sectors and options.

Now to Mentoring.

None of us have a monopoly on perfect judgement. None of us hold the world in our hands.

I’ve always had mentors. Three, in fact,  at various stages of my career. Absolutely invaluable… when issues are ambiguous or you just haven’t faced the particular challenge and need guidance to avoid mistakes that could cost you that potential promotion to a more senior role.

What do I deliver? Read the first article at this link

Balanced judgement from an objective basis. Reviews of your plans when you’re too close to the action. Ideas you may not have considered. People you should know. People you should avoid. Qualifications you should pursue. Advice across a multitude of corporate and personal scenarios that arise unexpectantly. Consider getting to know me as an option as a future mentor for you.

Mentoring is a core support mechanism for emerging leaders; as well as leaders who have already stamped their brand on challenges they’ve faced and met successfully. To contact me for more information, please complete the form below.

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