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Sharry Eavis. CEO. Ad Astra Institute.

Over the last few years, I’ve often taken the opportunity to learn from Pete’s enormous corporate and advisory experience. He takes a balanced view of the circumstances or scenarios as well as my challenges, and unerringly drives insight out of ambiguity.

As a result, I sometimes change tack. That’s what I need from a mentor. Illustration of options and experienced insight. Plus ideas and an independent set of eyes and ears that’s commercially-based.

I’ve been a small business owner, non-executive director and now run a disruptively-positioned service provider in the education space.

In my experience in dynamically highly competitive markets where the essence of effective client-facing marketing, digital communication and implementation tactics need to be world-class, I can lean on Pete’s counsel and pragmatic illustrative approach that is going to make my role as a leader more successful to drive desired outcomes.

I’d recommend Pete in whatever mentoring support role you need.

Manoj Kumar. Commercial Accountant. Proten.

My background is financial management, but these days I am focused on building a large business in chicken fattening. Pete was able to demonstrate and indeed illustrate how best practice around marketing and strategy constructs can be applied practically in our markets and my opportunities. Not an easy thing to do.

Pete was my facilitator last year during my MBA program. He guided a bunch of us through a technically challenging learning journey and delivered clarity and understanding for me when confronted with new ways of looking at business and professional integrated marketing.

I came through several months of his guidance with step-by-step insights in terms of processes and techniques, better armed for the future. He has a particular capability to engage, develop empathy through listening and questioning and get people on board. My view of his mentoring capability is excellent, particularly on the market engagement piece.

Pete’s comment: Testimonials from mentees are critically important. Thanks Manoj !

John Wallis. CEO. Corporate Rescue.

Pete worked with me at Boral for about three years when I led the Timber Division’s growth strategy. Now, I’m CEO at Corporate Rescue Australia (CRA). CRA’s focus is to serve the general welfare of the community by assisting SME’s with total management, recovery and reconstruction services. We’ve been successful for some years now.

Pete supported Boral Timber with wide-ranging hands-on services including strategic planning, demand modelling, risk-reduction strategies and marketing implementation.

What I valued most was his ability to think outside of the square around complex issues and point the executive team to potential solutions that were executable and realistically capable of delivering results in the short-term.

We were very focused, but took the time to shoot the breeze on strategic and tactical challenges that looked like emerging in our tight margin, extremely competitive markets.

We implemented a number of Pete’s recommendations on how to stay ahead of our competition in light of opposing pressures. During our annual strategic assessments, he challenged us to test key strategy assumptions, the choices that lay behind them and the processes used to develop them.

Keeping ahead of the game is a really important issue for leaders today. Mentoring helps significantly when we all become somewhat myopic around the daily challenges.

For me personally, Pete’s mentoring was extremely valuable and made me more effective as a lead team manager and industry innovator.

Engaging him was the right choice; he introduced effective concepts for learning, resulting in thoughtful analysis rather than just gut instinct. I guess that’s not unexpected given his width and depth of multiple industry sector exposure and his senior leadership background.

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