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This new eBook – The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom is AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON AUD $4.99 BUY HERE

FREE COPIES OF THIS NEW EBOOK ARE  AVAILABLE  NOW  FOR MEDIA AND LEADERS’  REVIEWS. Please email me your details and postal address.

This small and powerful eBook captures gems of strategic and operational insight which may be useful for current and emerging leaders ( Gen “Y” millennials and Gen “X” ) when facing or managing issues that are new, ambiguous and challenging.

“The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom” is small;  entirely readable in one sitting ( under 200 pages ); insightful  ( in that it cuts to the essence of actionable initiatives ); uses simple language and will connect with  emerging and current  leaders in small, medium and large corporates around the world whose issues are commonplace in the cut and thrust for profitable growth.

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It collates 25+ years of strategic insight into business, marketing and planning processes; and provides readers with fundamentally important information they won’t find in textbooks to assist in the acceleration of their careers.

Careers accelerate relatively quickly when emerging leaders volunteer for projects; strive to innovate to gain efficiencies; exceed others’ expectations in delivery of results; develop their teams to new heights of achievement; solve intractable or “wicked problems; step up in crises; demonstrate emotional intelligence way beyond their supervisors’ assessment of their capabilities; move from competency to outstanding levels of technical skills; keep everyone onside and engaged; excel in external courses and professional development; impress stakeholders with their quiet and humble approaches to success recognition; know how to celebrate successful team wins and double-down to fix failures…and a bunch of other things .


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