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IDEAgenda – watch this 2 minute video

IDEAgenda is an idea generator based in Australia. Our ideas and strategies tame persistent or “wicked” business or organisational problems and challenges in private and public sectors.

We develop cut-through viable ideas, strategy and execution to accelerate growth of profit and save money. Here’s the key benefits:

  • When you need ideas to overcome a “wicked” business problem that no-one’s solved effectively
  • When you need viable ideas to succeed through market disruption
  • When your innovation and creative resources are not performing
  • When you need an idea to blow the competition out of the water
  • When you want to make more and save more

The premise of IDEAgenda is simple. IDEATION is almost dead in Australia.

But what is IDEATION? Let’s look at an interesting article which explains it well.

What is Ideation – and How to Prepare for Ideation Sessions

Published by Linkedin on June 14, 2020 Gul Gursoy
Regional Learning and Development Manager @ Rixos Hotels Turkey – Helping people in their professional growth

Ideation is the process where you generate ideas and solutions through sessions such as Sketching, Prototyping, Brainstorming, Brainwriting, WorstPossible Idea, and a wealth of other ideation techniques. Ideation is also the third stage in the Design Thinking process. Although many people might have experienced a “brainstorming” session before, it is not easy to facilitate a truly fruitful ideation session. In this article, we’ll teach you some processes and guidelines which will help you facilitate and prepare for productive, effective, innovative and fun ideation sessions.

Ideation is often the most exciting stage in a Design Thinking project, because during Ideation, the aim is to generate a large quantity of ideas that the team can then filter and cut down into the best, most practical or most innovative ones in order to inspire new and better design solutions and products.

“Ideation is the mode of the design process in which you concentrate on idea generation. Mentally it represents a process of ‘going wide’ in terms of concepts and outcomes. Ideation provides both the fuel and also the source material for building prototypes and getting innovative solutions into the hands of your users.”

– d.school, An Introduction to Design Thinking PROCESS GUIDE

Ideation Will Help You:

  • Ask the right questions and innovate with a strong focus on your users, their needs, and your insights about them.
  • Step beyond the obvious solutions and therefore increase the innovation potential of your solution.
  • Bring together perspectives and strengths of your team members.
  • Uncover unexpected areas of innovation.
  • Create volume and variety in your innovation options.
  • Get obvious solutions out of your heads, and drive your team beyond them.

If you would like to learn more about IDEAgenda, contact Pete Jeans  by filling out the contact form below

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