◊     Value proposition development that switches volume for profitable share growth

◊     Market, customer and competitor analysis to identify strategic trends, unmet needs and competitor weaknesses worth exploiting

◊     Acquisition, merger and divestment due diligence plus integration or exit planning to create value

♦   BEST-PRACTICE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESSES  to strengthen your market position

◊     Pricing strategy, decision protocols and management techniques to optimise margin management  *NEW

◊     Brand and product portfolio development programmes to revitalise lifecycle positions

◊     Promotional and communications strategy to ensure on-brand messaging, targeting, awareness growth and  sell-through

◊     Go-to-market channel strategy to leverage distribution opportunities

◊     Market information systems design & implementation to collate & validate information for managers

♦   HANDS-ON IMPLEMENTATION TO BOOST outcomes and results.

◊     Marketing & communications programme development and execution leadership to leverage multiples-impact around available budgets

◊     Application of best-practice processes, techniques and management regimes to reinforce sources of competitive advantage

♦   VALUE-ADDED SERVICES for improved organisational capability

◊     Facilitation of strategic conversations to create consensus on direction

◊     Keynote presentations to conferences, forums and workshops to stimulate thought-leadership

◊     Marketing & digital communications assets reviews to reinforce best-practice

◊     Peer reviews of  plans and intentional strategies

◊     Creation of standard operational procedures and policy manuals

♦   MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS GOVERNANCE for the digitally-connected world

◊     Compliance awareness and training to operate professionally within the law

◊     Marketing & communications governance workshops and protocols for ambiguous  risk-laden scenarios

◊     Marketing & communications governance policies and standard operating  practices and guidebooks

◊     Marketing & communication governance advisory in M&A, MBO, MBI, divestments and similar transactions.