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Research when you need it

I can provide research services through our world-class associates, Woolcott Research; with whom I’ve worked for many years.

Whether it’s a secondary research task to confirm market rumour or comprehensive primary research to understand buyer behaviour or market response to a new product or service, our capability around market research is accredited, proven and very well-credentialed.

Importantly, you get my expert stewardship of your research project as part of the bargain; a project manager if you will; so that research problems are properly defined; objectives are set; a research plan is developed with appropriate methodology; and results interpretation and research reporting is properly planned and articulated.

Examples of research when you need it might include

  • competitor profiling
  • market sizing, growth and share analyses
  • demand trends going forward
  • critical success factor identification
  • value proposition  development
  • market positioning gaps
  • pricing reviews

More about Woolcott Research

Woolcott Research has a successful 30 year track record. It offers the benefits of a medium-sized business with the capabilities of a large one.

The company is 100% owned by seven of its working executives which makes us fast, flexible and accountable. We are totally self-sufficient, with our own telephone call centre, internal analysis and web survey hosting, group & event recruiting capabilities and a good sized team of experienced consultants. See more here


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