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Workshops for emerging and current managers

Skills workshops around best-practice professional management  processes.

It’s all about transferring pearls of wisdom. I call them Pearls of Wardom!

What do all these words mean for you?

Workshops will deliver the key concepts, explain the terminology and the importance of best-practice approaches which develop competitive advantage…the lifeblood of profitable survival and growth.

Offer these workshops to your clients, members, teams and department leaders. Benefit from the kudos and differential value that marketing practice workshops will deliver to positively augment your brand values in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders.

Do you believe your teams need practical insight and hands-on demonstration of leading-edge marketing strategy development and management practice?

I can develop specific issue workshops which will take your teams from general awareness to thorough knowledge.

Learn about the options, processes, techniques, traps and tricks for applying professional marketing approaches in your organisation.

For example, SWOT’s should be built from your customers’ perspective; not from an internal guess. Learn how to achieve this; so you can measure and manage your improvement in their eyes over time.

And, positioning maps need to be indexed against critical success factors that customers believe drive their decisions for preferred supplier choice.

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