Reducing staff churn is a critical imperative for all organisations. My new book – The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom – provides insights for emerging leaders to accelerate their career development.

The Pearls of Wardom keynote presentation provides a valuable time short-cut to managers who may not have aggregated enough experience to deal with emerging issues.

For emerging leaders and non-qualified marketers, join Pete Jeans’  60 minute keynote presentation journey as he shares tricks, traps and techniques for getting up to speed more quickly than your peers.

Pearls of Wardom keynotes and workshops focus on career education and development. Book online here.

Pearls of Wardom delivers a solution to acquiring leadership insight across a broad range of corporate and management issues; regardless of the size of the organisation or whether the organisation is in the private or public sectors.

“Pearls of Wardom”…a new  eBook by Pete Jeans is available on Amazon. This 200 pages of strategic insight captures more than 25 years of effective senior professional marketing and management practice in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.

What's covered?

The Art Of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom

-survive, grow and compete

-accelerate your career

-12 critical success factors

-how to create value every day

-pearls of wisdom to make and save money

Pearls of Wardom keynote presentation captures  and delivers strategic and operational insight which will powerup YOU and your team leaders to compete more effectively.

Motivate your team leaders to ACT tomorrow.

Learn some of the tricks and techniques of professional marketing practice. Share Pete Jeans’ learnings and insights of a successful leadership career.

Pearls of Wardom…shares insights around the art and science of strategic business war and  captures gems of strategic and operational insight which may be useful for current and emerging leaders when facing or managing issues that are new, ambiguous and challenging.

The book AND keynote presentations embed best-practice strategic growth processes as well as the thought-leadership and rockface gems to make and save you money; and accelerate your career development.

Management insight aggregates through experience over time. The art of competing and managing effectively is a bit of science ( education ) and plenty of applied on-the-job experience.

The pain points for managers exist when they embark on issue-journeys which they have not encountered ( or encountered and not delivered successful outcomes ). 

Managers are also time poor; because corporate infrastructures are lean and business-momentum is a race-track. They have little time to read, reflect and learn. Hence a one-hour presentation is a key benefit.

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