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Insights for emerging leaders


Insights for emerging leaders.

Emerging leaders need to stamp their difference on their organisation. A reputation for chrystal-clear insight often sorts out the candidates for future roles.

Insights accumulate over time and across business challenges. My 20 years plus of successful business leadership means you can leverage that to gain clarity around unclear situations and issues. Use me to assist you to drive ambiguous scenarios towards chrystal-clear clarity.

Whether your challenges are around marketing, customer acquisition and dilution management, recruitment, crisis management, team development and leadership, social media attacks, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, product sourcing, export market development, distributor relationship management, greenfields construction, managing upwards, pricing re-structuring and many more scenarios, I have insights for emerging leaders, stories and solutions than may be relevant for you at your career stage.

Emerging leaders will benefit from my experience and accumulated insight. They will see  and understand how shortcuts, tips, techniques, traps and signals will spur their career prospects by avoiding mistakes.

Emerging leaders will benefit from my new eBook.


Pete Jeans’ new book “The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom”  creates career development value for Gen Y millennials and Gen X ‘ers through strategic  insight leadership.

This eBook by SMO master marketer, keynote speaker and facilitator Pete Jeans presents strategic insight and operational pearls of wisdom to accelerate the expertise of current and emerging managers to better meet today’s fast-changing digitized-world challenges.

The eBook will also appeal to Human Resources leaders driving career development and professional education as a strategy to retain talent in their organisations; and CEOs and General Managers looking for marketing education resources, workshops and mentoring guidance to reduce staff churn.

“The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom” is now available on Amazon as an eBook at https://amzn.to/2W7yRwn  for  AUD $4.99

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