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For GM’s & CEO’s

For GM’s and CEO’s.  From one leader to another, I’m concerned about poor bottom-line performance of organisations in Australia as well as staff churn rates.

We must find effective ways  ( like our workshops ) to build our strategic and operational efficacy so that RONA rates improve to international benchmarks. The US for example  is way above our corporate return rates !

We develop cut-through viable ideas, strategy and execution to accelerate growth of profit and save money. Here’s the key benefits:

  • When you need ideas to overcome a “wicked” business problem that no-one’s solved effectively
  • When you need viable ideas to succeed through market disruption
  • When your innovation and creative resources are not performing
  • When you need an idea to blow the competition out of the water
  • When you want to make more and save more

And, when it comes to professional growth project leadership, clients prefer to use us when:

  • Their talent is already committed on other tasks
  • Incumbents don’t have the potential to deliver
  • They need deep and wide experience with fresh independent strategic eyes to drive results quickly
  • They  need absolute confidential arms-length resources to maintain anonymity on a key project
  • In-house professional marketing capability is underweight

For GM’s and CEO’s who are relatively happy with their top and bottom lines, do they need to work harder to  develop strategies to incentivate growth in key performance ratios?

Whether your challenges are around marketing, customer acquisition and dilution management, recruitment, crisis management, team development and leadership, social media attacks, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, product sourcing, export market development, distributor relationship management, greenfields construction, managing upwards, pricing re-structuring and many more scenarios, I have workshops and insights for emerging leaders, stories and solutions that may be relevant for you  or your staff at their career stage.

And yes. we need to slow staff churn which seems to vary around 10+ % and perhaps as high as 40% in some industry sectors and organisations !

These rates may accelerate as the Gen  X, Y and Gen Z generations move through management ranks to c-suite leadership.

Learning & development is a clear strategy to reduce staff churn. Educating the up-and-comers makes sense; as long as you can incentivate them to stay; and provide the stimulating environment and peer-relationships and support to link them with the values of your brands and vision.

Current and emerging leaders need to stamp their difference on their organisation. A reputation for chrystal-clear insight often sorts out the candidates for future roles.

We can help with bespoke workshops, tailored mentoring and inspirational leadership keynotes at your next forum, conference or event?

Here’s some ideas that create value for managers:

Tighten your business model

Are you fully up-to-speed with business planning?

How’s your social media analytics expertise?

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