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Strategic diagnoses – where’s the growth coming from? What’s the opportunity prognosis ?


Strategic diagnoses on track? You know something’s not quite right. A couple of key result areas are going nowhere…and they shouldn’t be. Something’s changed. You need an independent fresh pair of strategic eyes to suss out the compelling issues and consequences.

A strategic diagnosis of your organisation’s current and probable future will create confidence in your mind and those of your teams and bosses that you are either on the right track or need to change quickly.

It may not be too late. A strategic diagnosis can be completed in around 12 weeks with the proper resourcing. Use me to assist you to successfully implement and diagnose opportunities to regain your growth momentum.

Outcomes are a strategic plan review with clarity around sustainable strategy; embedded with value propositions that customers can’t ignore. Competitors will suddenly recognise that they have fierce opposition once again.

Strategic diagnoses mean now you can re-organise for success. Now, your Board is happier. Now the teams know where they’re going. Now customers are starting to spontaneously feedback positive stories.

Clients prefer me for professional growth project leadership when:

  • Their talent is already committed on other tasks
  • Incumbents don’t have the potential to deliver
  • They need deep and wide experience with fresh independent strategic eyes to drive results quickly
  • They  need absolute confidential arms-length resources to maintain anonymity on a key project
  • In-house professional marketing capability is underweight

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